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 CAL 9.2 Meter

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We have ordered a new spinnaker, this is what it will look like.  Look out PHRF 2






PHRF 2 Update:  Recently, Nick presented his appeal to the 168 rating in a final attempt to get us to parity with the Lake Erie Cal 9.2 "Choir Loft," who races at 171 with the same configuration as us.  With much dissappointment in the Rating Review Board, they kept us at 168.  Virtually disregarding the RPP and VPP data that they subscribe to and have documented on the DRYA Rating site.  Oh well, we will be racing 2009 at 168, an improvement over last year at 165.  Fred came up with a good idea if we plan on appealing again next year to create a log of all the races this year as they occur, noting the conditions, the wind direction/speed on each leg, and our relative standings at each leg of the race.  So we expect him to spear head that effort, attend each race, provide his typical humor, and be an instrumental crew member in 2009.


2008 DRYA Awards Banquet:  We attended with Cody, Erik, Nick and Jason.  It was nice to collect our two flags, spring DRYA 2nd in PHRF 2, and 3rd for the season overall in PHRF 2.  A nice cap to our best year, and great crew work.  There were rumors that the crew tried to pay for drinks at the bar with the meal tickets, and it was working to someone blew our cover.  The night cap occurred at Toms Oyster Bar, with a crazy woman sitting with Erik, Cody and Jason discussing some interesting topics, and trying to get free drinks.  In typical chivalrous fashion, she got sent her bill as she tried to leave, much to her surprise the championship bocce ball team (as we claimed we just finished hanging the banner at Ford Field) decided we did not feel as though we should subsidize her antics.  Thanks to all the crew that made 2008 memorable and successful.


CSYC Commodores Ball:  On Saturday, February 14th at Lochmoor Country Club in Grosse Pointe, the Crescent Commodores Ball occured in honor of my father, Commodore Nick Geisz.  As you all know know, I had my first daughter that day at 4:17pm.  If you would like to see pictures from the Ball go to www.crescentsail.com there are plenty. The Commodores Ball is an annual event to honor the current commodore, and the commodores of the other clubs attend also.  My father’s commitment and passion for furthering Crescent Sail Yacht Club’s mission is evident, and it was a memorable night for him. 


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